Why Rick?

Why Rick?


Ok, so why do so many couples select Rev. Rick Durham to officiate their wedding?


Here are a few reasons:


  • They want to be married by an officiant who is a professional and charismatic.   Someone who can bring their ceremony to life!.



  • So many couples today attend large mega-churches where developing a personal relationship with their pastor is not practical.  They want a traditional Christian ceremony, but need to go outside their church to do so.


  • One (or both) members is in the process of reconnecting spiritually.   There is a need for touches of faith to be included in the ceremony, without the trappings of a traditional denominational service.


  • They want a civil (non-religious) ceremony, but don’t want to go the their local courthouse.


  • They are planning a same-sex ceremony



  • They need an officiant who is willing to travel.


  • They want a non-traditional wedding or a themed wedding.


  • They want to get married at a unique location (Theme Parks, Waterfalls, Sporting Events, Boats, Hot Air Balloons, etc.)


  • They want an officiant who understands all the legal requirements and makes the process easy for them.



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