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How it works with Reverend Rick…


The planning process can vary depending upon where you live and how soon your are getting married.  However, generally speaking here is the typical flow of  how Rev. Rick  develops his ceremony:

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Rev. Rick Durham at a Lakeside Elopement ceremony


First:  Initial emails and telephone calls to begin our relationship.   Rev. Rick will learn the the information needed to personalize your ceremony such as how you met, why you are getting married, your passions, and background information that will enable him to personalize your ceremony and make it unique.


Second:    Rev. Rick will provide you with access to his Online Ceremony Planner where you can easily create a ceremony that reflects the style and wording you desire for your wedding.


Third, Rick will provide you with guidance leading up to your wedding  day.for all things related to your ceremony including:   

  • Obtaining your marriage license
  • The length of the ceremony
  • Your vision for the theme and feel of the ceremony
  • The type of ceremony you seek (Civil, Christian, Commitment, Inter-Faith, etc.)
  • Giving away the bride (who, how, etc.)
  • How to involve children in your wedding
  • The vows that feel right for you
  • How you want to exchange rings
  • Readings or Prayers to be included
  • Special acts to be included (Unity Sand Ceremony,  Unity Candle Ceremony, Jumping The Broom, etc.)
  • How you wish to be presented
  • Music for the ceremony
  • Will audio equipment/support be needed?
  • Your Rehearsal
  • Your Reception


Fourth:  Rev. Rick will stay in touch leading up to your wedding as he writes your ceremony and prepares for your big day.   Some couples ask to see a copy of the ceremony before the wedding.    Others prefer not to see the finished ceremony so that the bride and groom can be totally “in the moment” during their ceremony.   It’s up to you… it’s your wedding!


Finally:   You enjoy your wedding ceremony while experiencing a unique, customized service that will delight your guests and capture the essence of your relationship.


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